Modern Technic Corp.
17842 IRVINE BLVD., #134
TUSTIN, CA 92780

Phone:  949-214-4408
At Modern Technic Corp., we utilize state of the art developments in 3D CAD/CAM to fabricate coping and bridges as well as other products for dental laboratories and dental professional offices.The advanced technology we use provides accuracy, predictability, and consistency and is very easy to manipulate.

We are a service provider,  with 24  years of experience, for dental labs and dental professionals. Dental labs as well as dental offices can place orders with us for resin Coping, Crowns, and Diagnostic Wax Up resin. Moreover, we provide digital model for orthodontics offices. All of our services and products are created through the 3D CAD/CAM system.

-Cooperation with the oral hygiene office of the University of Health Affairs.
-Cooperation with the Health Training Unit for oral hygiene.
-Responsible for school health affairs.
-In charge of administrative affairs.

In addition to these four responsibilities above, Dr. Valadkhani did an oral exam on 15,000 elementary students and reported a DMFT. In 1997 he entered Shiraz University of Medical Sciences to study dentistry. During this time he created two multi media discs about oral and dental hygiene and orthodontics, which include diagnose, treatment plan, and a how to make removable appliances, tutorial. Dr. Feriedoon Valadkhani, the director and supervisor of Modern Technic Corporation, works to deliver first-class work to all his customers and is sure to please you too.
About Us
Modern Technic Corp. is a privately held S corporation co-owned by Mary Emamipour and her husband Dr. Fereidoon Valadkhani. Mary Emamipour has 10 years experience in the Dental field as a dental technician. She studied in the U.S.A.  and IRAN and continues to stay on top of the latest technology, trends and products. Mary Emamipour, CEO of Modern Technic Corp. is a licensed counselor and guidance and a dental technician of 11 years. She worked at glidewell laboratory and other making crowns and bridges and later began working with CAD/CAM system in dental field in 2007.
Modern Technic Corp. is an international service provider for all orthodontists, with over 25 years of experience in the dental field. We provide 3-D digital models with incredible accuracy. Modern Technic Corp. is sure to leave customers fully satisfied with their results. Dr. Fereidoon Valadkhani, DDS, the director of Modern Technic Corp., has extensive knowledge of dental sciences and orthodontics. In high school, Dr. Valadkhani studied mathematics and physics and later received a certificate for these in 1984. In 1985 he also obtained other certificates to honor his immense understandings of advanced experimental sciences in high school. Then in 1990 Dr. Valadkhani graduated as a dental hygienist. Next he began working at the IRAN University of Medical Sciences. In a time period of seven years he had several responsibilities such as listed below: