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Stages of constructing Crystal Correct

2019-01-03, If you are interested in knowing the stages of constructing a Crystal Correct product here are the steps .If you are the patient and  wish to use Crystal Correct ,ask your dentist to contact us...

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Braces Problems

2019-01-03, Gum DiseaseThis problem is a result of bacteria building up along the gum line and causes inflammation, bleeding and irritation as the bacteria becomes trapped in the gums, if it gets chronic,...

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3D digital technolgies for Dentistry

2019-01-03, Integrating Three-Dimensional Digital Technologies for Comprehensive Implant DentistryAuthor links open overlay panelABSTRACTBackgroundThe increase in the popularity of and the demand for the use of d...

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The Uniqueness We give Our Costumers

2019-01-03, Digital models leverage the power of technology to deliver significant benefits to dental professionals. Digital Models are produced through a patented laser scanning process that delivers extreme...

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What is iTecguide and how it works?

2019-01-03, the iTecguide service is about scanning patients jaw and teeth , and making the best plan to implant.3D scanners show a perfect model of the field then using iTec...

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