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Experience the latest innovation in dental treatment with Crystal Correct aligners. Crystal Correct has been designed to assist the dental specialists in aligning patients’ teeth more efficiently.

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Perfection and satisfaction

Crystal Correct aligners provide doctors with a great way of treatment in which patients do not have to deal with the old methods but nowadays there is a new approach to this treatment to have a straight set of teeth. If your patients use Crystal Correct aligners, tremendous changes will be seen much sooner than it is normally expected. Less time, less pain and more accurate process are the features which remain our product more prominent than others. The models have been using CAD/CAM technology. In addition, dimensions and angels are specifically made for every single patient. The percentage of the tooth decay and unwanted side effects of Crystal Correct aligners is absolute zero.


We deliver you rare unique benefits all in Crystal Correct aligners

Eat as you wish

Our easily removable aligners let patients eat and drink as they want, while ingesting we recommend pulling aligners off but make sure to tell the patients. No hot drinks are allowed while using aligners.

Nearly invisible

We use such clear material that our aligners seem almost invisible. That invisibility eases the process of treatment and makes it much easier for patients.


Since these aligners are removable, patients will be able to clean their teeth and the aligner more accurately.

Shorter Time

These clear aligners are designed to bring more comfort for patients.The whole treatment process will take a shorter period of time and they will wear each tray only for 2 weeks (except the first one).

No Pain

Since these aligners work on teeth instead of skeletal intervention, each tray moves the tooth for only 0/25 mm , patients will feel no pain.


If there is any problems with Crystal Correct aligners, you can trust our team anytime anywhere. we make sure to meet all the requirements perfectly.


A unique price


Unlike some companies, we never sacrifice quality for price. However, paying attention to your financial concerns has always been among our top priorities. Our price is a unique feature You never miss. 

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